Catholic Students Jogja Support Action for Palestine

For three consecutive days from August 2-4 yesterday, hundreds of students of Jogja took to the streets to conduct an action titled Palestine Grieving.

They raise funds to donate to Palestinians.

Participants of action is a combination of students from various public and private high schools in Jogja. This action was held on the collaboration of Stucash, B Komplek (Communication Bureau of Catholic Students of Yogyajarta), FKPO (Komikikadiadi Osis Forum) Jogja and Farohis (Forum Interfaith High School).

Theodorus Sony student from SMA N 7 Yogya said this action was initiated by students who were moved by what is happening in Palestine today.

"Regardless of the issue of religion in circulation, we think that if we want to help us do not regard what religion, enough awareness as fellow human beings," said Abdi Wahyu P students MAN 3 Yogya added.

Fundraising is done at various points of intersection around the city of Jogja.

On the last day the students did a fundraiser at three points: Pingit, Jetis and the Gramedia Crossroads of Kota Baru went on to gather together at Tugu Yogyakarta. Oration and Silent Creation became the top as well as a fund-raising cover on the way by the Student.

Total donations that succeeded in collecting a sum of 59,570,300.

"This is not all, on Saturday we will collect all donations raised by the students in each school and count the transfer of donations at the incoming bank," said Jadid Purwaka high school students N 7 Yogya

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