Buya Syafii take the train to the Bogor Palace

Former chairman of PP Muhammadiyah Syafii Maarif is a role model as well. His knowledge is high, his character is commendable. Now the fragrance Buya Syafii back fragrant after he showed simplicity to ride the economy train to Bogor Palace, last weekend. Netizens then praised and marveled.

The first time, Director Maarif Institute Muhammad Abdullah Darraz uploaded Buya photos on his Facebook page. Buya is one of the UKP Pancasila steering committee and will attend the event at Bogor Palace on Saturday.

"This morning after the dawn, the old man who was 82 years old 2 months was rushed to leave his lodging in the area of ​​Kuningan South Jakarta to KRL Tebet station.To aim to Bogor he intends to attend the launch of Pancasila Educational Strengthening Program initiated by the new institution ' Work Unit of President of Pancasila Ideology Development ', "Darraz wrote in Facebook account yesterday.

Darraz mentions the day before Buya Syafii has also preached his arrival to Jakarta and use KRL transport.

 "The day before, he was communicating with me, 'Director, I am on the way Kebayoran Lama, tomorrow to Bogor by KRL Maarif' I happen to be studying in Semarang for a week can not accompany him," he wrote again.

Mentioned, MAARIF Institute is always ready to shuttle Buya Syafii during the move in Jakarta. However, because of its simplicity and simplicity always refused the offer.

"He chose to stay on KRL in the early morning to Bogor, but when I communicated the day before, I kept ordering to make sure that if Buya would leave for KRL then someone should accompany him, this time his nephew Asmul Khairi , Remain faithful to accompany him, "he continued.

Status Darraz has favored 4 thousand facebookers, distributed by 1,100 and commented on 700 more netizens. His comments mostly praised Buya.

From this status, the photos posted spread across other social media. The picture of Buya was sitting waiting for the KRL at the station and talking to a man, along with three others seated. The sky was still dark.

Another photo, Buya who wore a long-sleeved batik shirt sitting in a KRL with both hands supported by a black stick that accompanied her footsteps. Buya was flanked by a sleeping man and a man who did not seem to know who the unpretentious man sitting next to him. Buya claimed to ride more comfortable and free traffic jams.

"KRL is more convenient, free of traffic and on time in the morning," he said.

Buya asks, the story of him who climbed the KRL need not be exaggerated. Because, for him this is a common thing.

"Ah, that's normal.As a young man, used to walk between 30 to 48 kilometers across two districts in West Sumatra namely Tanah Datar and Sijunjung," he said.

On Twitter, the photos of Buya became a conversation. Hardly anyone says this is imaging. Everyone praised.

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