Butet's song has succeeded in attracting tourists

The duet of Austrian artists Hermann Delago and Nadine Beiler brought Batak songs in Samosir Music International event which was held at Open Air Stage Tuk Tuk Siadong, Saturday night (12/8) able to amaze thousands of spectators.

Even Gubsu, Tengku Erry Nuradi who also swayed to expect this event should be a tourism event of North Sumatra routinely held every year.

Collaboration of Hermann Delago with Nadine Beiler and The JB's Band presents Batak songs whose music has been re-re-arranged to amaze the audience. At least two Batak songs titled 'Butet' and 'Alusi Au' were able to shake the stage of Open Air Stage, Tuk Tuk Siadong.

Not only that, the rock song 'Holong Naso Tarputik' is also able to touch the hearts of spectators who come from various directions including from abroad.

This extraordinary event is expected by Governor Tengku Erry Nuradi to enter the tourism calendar of North Sumatra and must be held regularly every year.

"We are very supportive of tourism activities held by Samosir regency. Because, to promote tourism there are some important things. First the scenery is beautiful, both the good security and the third of the event that is held regularly, "said Erry.

Also attending the event were Junior Attorney General Secretary for Special Crimes, Sudung Situmorang, DPD RI Member of North Sumatra, Parlindungan Purba, Managing Director of Lake Toba Regencies, Arie Prasetyo, Samosir Regent, Rapidin Simbolon, Humbahas Regent, Dosmar Banjarnahor, Team Leader PKK North Sumatra Movement, Evi Diana Sitorus and a number of SKPD in North Sumatra.

Erry further explained, through the event scheduled with this routine is expected to become a mainstay Samosir to improve the tourism sector. Until now routine tourism events held in North Sumatra is still very minimal.

"Even tourism routine to this day in North Sumatra was only three scheduled, first Pekan Raya north Sumatra, the second Ramadan Fair and third Festival of Lake Toba. So we hope this event can be a well planned routine event so that it can enter the tourism calendar of North Sumatra, "said Erry.

In addition to routinely held events to increase tourism in the area of ​​Lake Toba, then needed infrastructure. For Silangit Airport, Erry said, it is targeted that the end of this year will become an international airport. In addition, the construction of the outer ring road will also be fought for completion in 2019.

"One more thing that is important in tourism is cleanliness," explained Erry.

On the other hand, Erry also expects each regency / city to have reliable products with one village one product concept. In addition, each region must also highlight the hallmark of regionalism.

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