Baby Jumbo sized 6.2 kg Born in Padang

Jumbo-sized baby weighed 6.2 kg, born through a normal delivery at the maternity hospital (BPS) Mother, on Saturday (5/8) morning at around 06:20 pm.

The baby, 60 cm long, was born to Nathalia's partner Elizabeth Manulang (35) and Khairuddin (53), given the name of King Holowan Tambunan.

Owner of BPS Bunda, Yenni Fitri, said the birth of babies over 4 kilograms in Indonesia fall into the rare category. Moreover, the baby was born with a weight of 6.2 kg.

"Already hundreds of babies born in our place, but for weight above 4 kg is rare. Once in 2014 and then born baby size 5.2 kg. But this time the baby was born even bigger with a normal weight of 6.2 Kilograms, this is an infinite grace from the creator, "said Yenni Fitri told a number of journalists.

According to him, if the baby is born weighing over 3 kilograms, then the handling and examination should be specifically. Because the mother of this baby has never done her pregnancy examination to obstetrician.

Previously he thought the baby conceived twins, this can be seen from the amount of the mother's content.

"We thought the baby was twins because before, Nathalia had given birth to the first child in our place, when the baby was born twins. Parents of infants during pregnancy never do Ultrasonography (USG) in obstetricians, "he described.

He added, initially the husband and wife had been reminded to give birth by cesarean section in the hospital. Because their first child was born twins weighing 4.1 kg and 3.8 kg normally. In addition, the mother's age factor is 35 years old baby is at risk of giving birth normally.

"After we talked with the patient's family, finally the patient refused to give birth at the hospital, with insistent still want to give birth in our place," he explained.

Until now continued Yenni, mother and baby in good health, he was grateful because during the process of giving birth did not experience any obstacles until the baby is born.

Meanwhile, Khairuddin admitted to not expecting his son was born that big, because during pregnancy his wife experienced the same thing with other pregnant women.

He admits his wife never checked her pregnancy to an obstetrician.

"My first child was born twins with the weight of each child above normal.Selected from our heredity there is no twin," he said

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