Anies believes FPI will take care of Pancasila

The Governor of DKI Jakarta was elected Anies Baswedan said his hope to the Islamic Pembe Front (FPI) to be involved in maintaining the integrity of NKRI.

"Everyone present here has a commitment to guard the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. I affirm everything, what I have to say is that in the future FPI should be able to prove as one of the organization of the guard of diversity, "said Anies at Kamal Football Stadium, Kapuk Kamal, North Jakarta, Saturday (19/8).

Anies's hope was related to Milad FPI to 19, before he also followed the dawn prayers in congregation.

Related Milad to 19, Anies believes FPI forward is not an organization present to threaten, but take care of Pancasila.

In his speech Anies invited FPI to jointly fight for unity in Indonesia. Unity will not be present in an imbalance situation.

"Unity must be present in justice. So we stand for it. It is very difficult with the inequality to hope there is unity, inequality can lead to division and jealousy, "he explained.

As a large Islamic organization, Anies also hopes FPI together to help solve the inequality that exist in society.

"Insyaallah FPI can participate to bring justice. Let's together maintain the mandate that is entrusted by Muslims to become the author of the history of Muslims in Indonesia, "said Anies Bawesdan. (R)

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