Al Araf: Overcoming Radicalism Not with Perppu

Victims of the enactment of Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perppu) on Community Organizations are predicted to increase. After Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI), the government indicated to do the same thing to small mass organizations in the region.

Executive Director of Imparsial Al Araf hoped that the House could cancel the Perppu so it would not be passed into law. Because, although originally issued to clear HTI, in its implementation, the Perppu can also target any organization in the future.

"The effort to overcome radicalism is important and the state must do it. However, efforts to overcome not with perppu, "he said at the office of the Indonesian Legal Aid Institute (YLBHI), Jakarta, yesterday.

According to Araf, the mechanism through the judiciary is still the most democratic option. In addition to a container for defending, the approach remains through legal process. Unlike the case with the perppu that put forward the aspect of power because of its absolute dissolution in accordance with the wishes of the government.

The lecturer of Paramadina University explained that the current regulation is actually more than enough. Only, during this time, the government failed to implement it optimally. When there is an extremist group planning to attack a different group, for example, it will not happen if the apparatus performs a function to anticipate.

"That's a lot of examples (apparatus managed to muffle), but not many are run because selective cutting," he added.

Chairman of YLBHI Asfinawati added, it has just reviewed a number of government arguments in issuing the Perppu. The result, what has been feared so far can be well anticipated by the Criminal Code and other laws.

Associated with mass organizations that often attack other groups, for example, the government can run the legal process. There are a number of articles that can be snared such as articles 170, 351, 429 of the Criminal Code, until Article 59 paragraph 2 of Law 17/2013 on Ormas. "Faced with mass organizations that execute, then the police can prohibit or prevent it from happening. Yesterday the doctor's case even let Solok, "he said, as quoted from Jawa Pos. (*)

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