About First Travel Case, OJK Asks Rational Residents to Invest

 The Financial Services Authority (OJK) invites people to think more rationally about any investment. This is the case of fraud and embezzlement of Umrah pilgrims fund by First Travel.

Chairman of the Board of Commissioners OJK Wimboh Santoso said First Travel is not the case of embezzlement or fraud consumer funds that first occurred. Already many of the bodong investments that have managed to deceive many people.

"People are deceived by lucrative advertising, can refund big, should think it is suspicious, and not done," he said at the building Fasos Bank Indonesia, Jakarta, Sunday (20/08/2017).

Like First Travel in his case, the prospective Umrah pilgrims offered Umrah package worth Rp14, 3 million. Whereas the normal price for the journey of worship Umrah reach approximately Rp20 million.

In order to follow up, it is still easy for people to be deceived into this kind of investment of bodong, Wimboh said, it will intensify education to the public. Through this education is expected not only the community knows the benefits but understand the risks.

For example, someone came to ask for a loan of Rp110 million. Within five days the borrower said the money could be repatriated.

"If this is not given, it can not be within 5 days the money is returned, so it must be understood that something that is not rational should not be followed." In the future, the public should be improved in education, "he said.

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