600 Chinese Tourists Visit Bintan Island

Subtlety Minister Arief Yahya with the concept of marketing "More for Less" proved reliable in Riau Islands. Integrated PWI Crosborder new dlaunching August 18, 2017 has started to feel up to Bintan.

"Paying less, getting more facilities," said Minister Arief Yahya, who was named as Marketeer of The Year 2013 by Markplus Inc.

A total of 600 foreign tourists from China successfully drive to Bintan during weekdays via Tanah Merah, Singapore. The ferry industry that took hundreds of foreign tourists from Tanah Merah - Bintan was instantly happy. Bintan Lagoon Resort which is used as the location of the stay also participate kebagian sustenance.

"Now all industries have started vying to market Batam and Bintan during weekdays. This is a very good development, "said Deputy of Tourism Marketing Development Kemenpar Esthy Reko Astuti accompanied by Head of Promotion Tourism Convention and Convention, Eddy Susilo, Wednesday (23/8).

One of them, by taking the theme of Bintan Best Tours Luxury Group, 600 pax finally marketed Singapore-based travel agent. Target marketnya congregation of Church of the Bamboo Curtain who is in Singapore.

For four days and three nights, the congregation of the church was seduced for a MICE tour in Bintan. Everything is wooed for religious travel from 22 to 25 August 2017. The result? Happy ending for Bintan.

"On August 22 afternoon all Bintan Best Tours Luxury Group entourage has entered Bintan. They immediately stay at Bintan Lagoon Resort, "added Esthy.

Bintan Lagoon Resort directly harvest highway. All rooms are fully bookeed. A total of 437 rooms there were rented out by the group of Bintan Best Tours Luxury Group. Even some until someone had to rent a villa because the room at Bintan Lagoon Resort could not accommodate the entire group.

"Thanks to the Ministry of Tourism for its support.This is a blessing for Bintan, the price ceiling there is quite expensive loh, but it still sold," said Kadispar Bintan Luki Zaiman Prawira.

Luki did not speak. Bintan Lagoon Resort room rental price is set at Rp 2.7 million per night. While for the villa, the price is set from Rp 6.144.000 per night. This high rental price is commensurate with the facilities and panoramic offered.

At Bintan Lagoon Resort, the Bintan Best Tours Luxury Group group can enjoy a room overlooking the South China Sea. Even Johor Bahru Malaysia can be seen from Bintan Lagoon Resort.

In addition to charming panoramic sea, the group of foreign tourists from China was also spoiled with two outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, and two world-class golf courses. In addition, there are also all-day spa services, and 12 global-standard restaurants. "Asian, Indian and Western cuisines are all there. So please go to Bintan during the weekdays, guaranteed you will not lose, "added Luki.

Bintan does not want to lose to Bali. Incidentally, the capital is very strong. Have good MICE support facilities, world-class hotels, resorts and golf courses as well as a qualified crossing port. This power is now being utilized by industries in Kepri, Singapore and Johor Bahru to sell Batam and Bintan during weekdays. Exciting packages are created and marketed at cheap prices.

"If there is already 600 pax sold during weekdays, it is a sign of Integrated Crossborder PWI program has a big prospect. Commercial and social value success, hotel industry harvest highway, as well as the ferry industry. As the destinations of Batam and Bintan become more popular, the more crowded, the more affordable, this will be the basic need for Singaporeans and Malaysians to travel to Kepri. Culinary, golf, spa, ferry tickets, hotels and resorts, to shopping, all can be enjoyed at a super cheap price, "said Minister Arief Yahya.

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