2000 hafizh Liven Up Action 171717

TNI throughout Indonesia is ready to welcome the memorizers of Al-Quran to bermurojaah together before the action 171717.

There are about 2000 hafizh and hafizhah options that will be present at this TNI Headquarter Plaza. Around 7000 general murojaah participants were also involved in this event.

The chairman of the Indonesia Murojaah Foundation, KH Deden M. Makhyaruddin explained that more than 400 TNI headquarters will organize this. Not to mention the mosques, pesantren, and public places.

"Al-Qur'an recipients will be spilled all over Indonesia, all of which berkurjaah Al-Quran opens the doors of blessings from heaven and earth for Indonesia.Murojaah 17 August at 17 to 18 hours is the peak," he explained in an e-mail sent to the editor , Monday (14/8).

Deden explained, murojaah for the country has started from now. In fact, since the invitation was issued, since then also, murojaah the Koran memorizers intended to bless the nation.

"It can produce millions of murojaah.We do not invite murojaah through the endorses of famous figures, but we invite the Qur'an memorizers 30 juz the choice of the fragrances of nations that really memorized as evidenced by their murojaah every day in the oral, heart, And practice, "he explained.

"Even though they are not famous, they are viral in the sky, God willing, there are 19 selected Qur'an reciters who will lead the murojaah at Plaza TNI Headquarter," Kang Haji, familiar KH Deden M. Makhyaruddin who is also coordinator of 19 the fragrances of the fragrances of the nation.

In addition to the memorizers of Al-Quran, there are also senior clerics and hafizh-hafizh senior Indonesia. Deden did not expect the movement to be so devastating. Nor did it ever occur to him that the Qur'an memorizers met with senior clerics with the TNI.

"This is remarkable, because in the hadith narrated by Abu Daud, glorifying the elderly, let alone the elderly scholars, the memorizers of the Qur'an that do not cross its boundaries and do not distance it, and fair leaders are part of glorifying God. Meet in one place and pray together for this nation.I can not imagine what will happen with this country in the future, "he explained.

Today, Deden says, the most important thing is to straighten the intention and keep it always. Do not let this great action of the Koran be infiltrated a little bit of sincerity.

He added, Murojaah is a nation action. "For those who can not murojaah in TNI headquarters, please murojaah at the same time in their respective place, wherever located, and, according to the theme, that is Compassion, all religions join in praying at the same hour ie 5 books Sacred recited, who can not participate directly by making #Indonesia_LebihKasihSayang tagar on social media, so that the syiarnya stronger, "said Deden.

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