Trade Unions: Perppu Threaten Democracy

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The Association of Indonesian Trade Unions (GSBI) considered that the Issuance of Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perppu) No. 2 of 2017 on CSOs is a real threat to the development of democracy in Indonesia, especially the right of the people to organize and to argue.

The birth of Perppu No. 2 of 2017 is motivated by the government's view of the condition that is considered "crunching force" through the existence of various mass organizations considered anti-Pancasila, anti-1945 Constitution and endanger the severity of the unitary state of Republic Indonesia.

This Perppu is actually a refinement of the Ordinance Act 2013 in the era of SBY government. With one of its points is the dissolution of mass organizations who no longer have to wait for the verdict of the court. In addition, the Perppu also provides criminal sanctions for violators, a condition previously not regulated in the Ordinance Act 2013. This Perppu is clearly contradictory to the 1945 Constitution, on the state's point of guaranteeing freedom of association and issuing opinions for the people.

This law will provide a vast space for power to act arbitrarily in cracking down on any element that is perceived as endangering their positions. This regulation fundamentally places state officials in an increasingly strong position on the people. Although there is no basis at all for Jokowi-JK to establish this country in a precarious state, except the regime's fear of the democratic movement of the people, as experienced by Gafatar some time ago and the current HTI. In the future, using Perppu 02 in 2017, the government will be easier to dissolve and suppress the organization that is in the value of anti pancasila, NKRI and organizations that oppose policy and not support development.

If Jokowi-JK's right government is a government that guarantees freedom of association for the people, this Perppu should not be born. Simply by strengthening the legal institutions and ensuring a fair law. So that if any mass organization is deemed incompatible with the constitution of the state and deemed to harm the state, then enough the government to bring sufficient evidence to the court.

According to GSBI, the Perpmas of this mass organization will obviously lead to the arbitrariness of the government, abuse of power. So that it becomes a serious threat to the life of democracy and state law and threaten human rights (HAM).

Law Number 17 Year 2013 on Social Organization has been quite clear to regulate the mechanism of dissolution of mass organizations that are considered threatening the sovereignty of the state. The dissolution of a mass organization through the court stage is quite fair. If any government assess the existing mass organizations are not adequate, then the government had proposed a draft law on the amendment of the Ordinance Act to the House of Representatives. Not issuing a Perppu like this.

For that GSBI demands President Jokowi that democratic and nationalist President said to immediately revoke this Perpu and GSBI urged that the House of Representatives reject the legalization of the Perpmas Ormas. Rejection of the Community Institution Reform, in addition to the problematic formation process, the substance is problematic. The formation of the Perppu actually endangers the life of a democratic and law-based Indonesian state. This Perppu can not only target the intolerant group but also target to other groups of community organizations because the government can unilaterally disperse it for various reasons.

Source: GSBI Release

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