TNI Commander: Beware of Energy and Food Background Conflict

In facing today's global competition, we need to understand the challenges and opportunities, so that the Indonesian nation can become a winning nation. Global competition between countries in the world need to be wary, because the conflict can occur due to the background of energy and food.

It was said by TNI Commander General Gatot Nurmantyo when giving briefing to 1,100 participants of the National Congress of the Central Executive Board and the United Development Party (PPP), at the Ballroom of the Mercure Hotel, Jl. Pantai Indah Ancol, North Jakarta, Thursday (07/20/2017).

According to Gatot, the development of the world's extraordinary and increasingly day, while energy and food is increasingly reduced.

"This is what causes global competition between countries in the world. The world is not getting bigger but narrower, while the demand for natural resources in the form of energy and food is decreasing because it is taken continuously, "he explained.

Described, a losing country in a global competition will become a multicultural country and impact on social crisis, migration of human movement between countries to seek a better livelihood.

"Conflict between countries around the world today is true in the background by the struggle for energy and food. In the future, the conflict in the world will shift to the equator of one of Indonesia, "he said.

Related to the increase of world occupation, according to the Maltus theory (1798), he continued, acceleration or population increase as a series of measurements, while food availability increases as a series of calculations. If the population growth line with the food availability line is tangent at a point, then there is a critical point.
"If we analyze the theory then the availability of food and energy will be very limited, because the population is growing rapidly, this is a warning for Indonesia in the future," he said.

On the occasion, Gatot Nurmantyo reminded again, the first President of RI Ir. Soekarno once said that Indonesia's natural wealth will someday make the envy of the countries of the world. Meanwhile, the President of RI Ir. Joko Widodo when inaugurated in his speech also said that rich in natural resources can be a disaster for Indonesia.

"We as the nation of Indonesia should be aware of the wealth of Indonesia's natural resources, if not want to be a struggle for other countries," he said.

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