The Government Will Make Sharia Market More Serious

Although the current number of Islamic financial institutions in Indonesia, is the largest in the world, which is 34 Islamic Banking, 58 Takaful Operator or Sharia Insurance, 7 Sharia Ventura Capital or sharia pawn shop, and more than 5,000 Sharia Micro Finance Institutions, and has 23 million subscribers , But there are still many opportunities that can still be exploited, because the market is very large.

Sharia banking market, according to President Jokowi, in 2016 only reached 5.3 percent, still very small, only 5.3 percent of all assets of our national banking industry.

"This is a great opportunity that we should use, not to be exploited later by other countries this opportunity," said President Jokowi at the launch of Sharia National Financial Committee (KNKS) and the inauguration of the National Working Student Association (IILEAS) Ikatan Ahli Ekonomi Islam Indonesia (IAEI) , At the State Palace, Jakarta, Thursday (27/7) afternoon.

According to the President, Indonesia's achievement is still far below other countries, for example in Saudi Arabia has reached 51.1 percent, Malaysia 23.8 percent, United Arab Emirates already 19.6 percent. While in Indonesia, with the largest Muslim population in the world, only reached 5.3 percent, is still very small.

With the capital of the largest Muslim population in the world, according to the Head of State, it should and should be the leading Indonesia, become a leader, and become the center of the world's Islamic finance.

"It should be like that. And it should be like that. But this has not happened, "said the Head of State.

President Jokowi is optimistic that if the sharia finance industry is really driven, strengthened, and we continue to develop, then sharia finance will be one of the main solutions in financing development in our country.

"Both the economic development of the people, whether it is infrastructure development, whether for road construction, for the construction of bridges, for the construction of ports, for the construction of power plants, as well as in the financing of poverty alleviation programs and reduce social inequality. We can use it, "said President Jokowi.

For the discussion of poverty and pressing imbalances, according to the Head of State, we should be able to take advantage of religious social funds, such as zakat funds are also very large potential. In addition, our country also has a land of endowment, Indonesia has a land wakaf with a very large total area.

"The data I got 4.3 billion m2. Very large, the majority have not been used for productive activities, because it is generally used for mosques or public cemeteries, "said the Head of State.

In addition, the accumulated cash receipts are also only around Rp22 billion. Of course cash waqf also needs to be encouraged to be further developed, so that the results obtained from the wakaf-wakaf can be used for productive activities, such as economic development of the ummah, the empowerment of UMKM, so it can be felt directly by the needs of the community.


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