The exoticism of Goa Jomblang So Magnet For tourist

The charm of Goa Jomblang is still a magnet for foreign tourists (tourists). Every day dozens of foreign tourists queue trying to exotic vertical cave in Gunungkidul this.

"Good! Discover the sensation of nature tourism, combined with the power of culture, it will be more sustainable," explained Minister Arief Yahya.

Menpar Arief who former President Director of PT Telkom is indeed an expert to create a business portfolio. Included in tourism, which he breaks out in 3 categories, namely culture, nature, and manmade. "If you can combine the three elements of that force, then the destination must be extraordinary," he said.

Back to goa Joblang, foreign tourists from various countries of Europe, America, Asia such as China, Singapore and Malaysia look lined ready to enter the cave located in the mountains karts in Gunungkidul, Saturday (22/7). At the mouth of this cave, they equip themselves with helmets and ropes. Their sequential guided crew of Goa Jomblang down the cave door.

They entered the cave by the method of Single Rope Technique (SRT). SRT is a standard technique used to descend the vertical cave by using a rope as a track that is used to walk up and down a vertical spot.

Visitors dropped by two people. That day, Budi and Rahmat in charge of reducing the visitors. Grace with the carefree Mandarin speak one or two words she learned for Mandarin-speaking guests.

Upon this down, Goa Jomblang photographers capture the visitors' expression. Printouts can be purchased at the end of the activity. Photos are lined up in the marina where the guest regristation. In this place also lunch is provided.

Once down they will see the beauty of Goa Jomblang. While at the bottom of the cave, can be seen some plants that thrive in the dense. On the walls of lime overgrown with shrubs. After reaching the base, explorers can rest in a natural-made cubicle. Further explorers can continue their journey down the aisle connecting the Jomblang cave with another vertical cave named Grubug Grotto. (*)

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