Telegram Blocking Is a Step Back

International Data Corporation (IDC) considers Telegram blocking a step backward by the Government of Indonesia. IDC sees this as the impact of the unclear regulations governing Over The Top (OTT) services.

"IDC fully supports the Indonesian government's efforts to protect its national security, but with the blockade clearly shows a step back," IDC Indonesia's Associate Market Analyst Risky Febrian said in Jakarta, today.

Risky said, by law no regulation governing OTT service providers should open a representative office in Indonesia. He continued, if the government clarifies the regulation of OTT players such as requiring a representative office in Indonesia, then such blocking will not happen.

This is coupled with poor communication between the government and Telegram.

"The absence of a Telegram representative office in Indonesia contributed to the poor communication process between the two parties," he said as quoted from RoL.

Risky said, to overcome this problem OTT service providers usually establish cooperation with local telecommunication companies to act as their representative in Indonesia.

He cited Spotify and Netflix, who each worked with Telkom and Indosat Ooredoo to manage services and relationships with consumers in Indonesia.

Risky said the government needs to provide clear steps to prevent future misunderstandings with OTT service providers. He added that Telegram and the government should also be able to establish good communication between them.

"Once all the issues can be resolved, Telegram and the government can begin to work together to build appropriate schemes to prevent misuse of Telegram's features in the future, including supporting Telegram's move to develop a moderator team devoted to moderation of Indonesian contents," Risky said.

IDC rate, from the consumer point of view, Bots and Telegram Channels is a popular feature in Indonesia that many consumers use to support their financial activities. This is because these features provide high level of security and privacy with Telegram-specific encryption.

However, the feature proved vulnerable to abuse. As the reason for the closure of the government is the movement of terrorists in communicating and planning their strategies.

Three months ago, IDC Indonesia Research Manager Mevira Munindra said that in anticipation of this, the government could also form an independent body that acts as advisory board and has the capability to plan and monitor the overall adoption of ICT in Indonesia.

Furthermore, he said, the establishment of this independent body should be able to support and stimulate the growth of ICT adoption in Indonesia. "For example, it can be seen from the Singapore government's steps in establishing GovTech's agency, whose function is to build key platforms and solutions needed to support Singapore's ICT development," Mevira said.

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