Natalius Pigai: Putting aside the Muslim Ummah, Indonesia Will Not Go Forward

One of Komnas HAM commissioners stated that currently Muslims are experiencing moans, laments and cries from Perppu No. 2 of 2017. This commissioner seems to feel unbelieving that Muslims are the main engine in Indonesia but treated with the issuance of the Perppu.

"Today there has been a groan experienced by Muslims on this earth. Muslims who have this nation, and its Muslim leaders should not make the government deny the presence.

Forward the withdrawal of this nation and country depends on the main engine, ie Muslims. Because the founders of this nation are Muslims. If the main engine is marginalized, then this country will not advance, "said Natalius Pigai, Friday (28/07/2017), while berorasi in front of thousands of Muslims who rejected Perppu. 2/2017, in cross Monas, Jakarta.

Pigai sees in these two years Indonesia seems to be experiencing remarkable decline and treachery. "I am an alumni of PMKRI and other organizations. In the past we were fighting for civil liberties. This should be maintained. Including freedom of association.

We are also in and out of prison to fight for justice. Never been persecuted. So we want the organization and the association to be alive. But with the emergence of this Perppu, then this event is like the 80's and 90's, "he added clearly.

Therefore, he who is in the name of this person is calling for the people against the Perppu. He also as an activist claimed to be standing in front for it.

"Nothing else, we have to fight. Opponent. Opponent! Sound resistance and sound fight for life in the body bladder in this beloved country. As a human rights advocate, I will stand in front. Never back down, "he asserted.

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