Muhammadiyah Urges Government to Initiate Israeli-Palestinian Peace

The Central Leadership (PP) of Muhammadiyah extends a deep condolence to the victims of violence in Palestine.

In addition, the Muhammadiyah also strongly condemned the acts of violence perpetrated by the Israeli authorities and soldiers against innocent Palestinian civilians.

"Killing a helpless human is a barbaric act, a crime that is equal to killing all mankind, violations of Human Rights and Civil Society Rights protected by international law," wrote the official statement of the Muhammadiyah's official position on Wednesday (26/7).

In addition, Muhammadiyah urged the United Nations (UN), the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and the Arab League to immediately conduct a special session to discuss steps to resolve violence in Palestine.

Meanwhile, to the conflicting parties, PP Muhammadiyah called for a ceasefire and to stop any form of confrontation.

"If it is deemed to have committed a violation and a peace agreement, the UN may sanction the Israeli Zionist Government," the statement added.

Meanwhile, to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, PP Muhammadiyah appealed to take initiative and diplomatic steps to solve the problem of Palestine comprehensively.

"With its diplomatic power the Government of Indonesia can revive the two-state solution alternative as part of Israeli-Palestinian peace roadmap," said a statement signed by PP Muhammadiyah Chairman Bahtiar Effendy and General Secretary of PP Muhammadiyah Abdul Moe'ti.

Furthermore, Muhammadiyah calls on religious people, especially Muslims, to promote political solidarity, humanity, and spiritual support for the struggle of the Palestinian people. Moreover, all religions plainly teach their adherents to defend oppressed and oppressed people.

"Although the religious nuances are very strong, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a religious and interreligious conflict but rather a political conflict, so in order to support the struggle of the Palestinian people, it should put forward moral, spiritual, humanitarian and political actions of solidarity By avoiding anarchistic action, "concluded the statement. (*)

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