LGBT Issues Against Campus Unila Lampung

Rector of University of Lampung (Unila) Prof. Hasriadi admitted shocked when informed of the account in social media about LGBT who mencatut Unila name.

A Facebook account (FB) named '' Forum Unila Gay Bisek Remaja Lampung University "is now the result of Unila campus rush, not to mention this also makes the Rector surprised not surprisingly.

"I just know the forum, and it can not be tolerated because it has been on behalf of the institution, it can be considered defamatory Unila," Hasriadi told reporters today.

When confirmed, Hasriadi will follow up on these findings and will coordinate ahead with Unila advocacy team.

"We immediately invite the advocacy team of Unila to follow up what steps will be taken, such as what action should be taken in addressing the members who are included in the forum of LGBT community that mengahnamanamanakan institution (Unila)," he said.

Unila, Hasriadi said, expressly rejects all sorts of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender-related movements (LGBT).

"Anywhere, in any form, all Unila residents will not be given space to do things related to the LGBT movement, because it is strictly forbidden by religion and do not carry the name Unila in this forum," he said.

"Forum Unila Gay Bisek Remaja Lampung University" until yesterday already has 149 members in it is allegedly a student of Unila. But this Group is closed. (*)

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