KISPA: Israeli Arrogance Is Outrageous

Chairman of the KISPA (Indonesian Committee for Palestinian Solidarity) Ustadz Ferry Nur conveyed that Israeli arrogance is true outrageous.

In response to the recent Israeli aggression at the Aqsa Mosque, he and other NGOs joined in the Indonesian Alliance Defending Al Aqsa Mosque (AIMMA) will stage an action at Masjid Al Azhar Kebayoran Baru Jakarta on Friday (21/7).

"As Muslims, we are quite furious with the prohibition of Muslims to Pray and Worship at Al-Aqsa Mosque," he said in his statement on Friday (21/7).

He also explained that the tragedy in the Aqsa Mosque should also be taken as a moment of unity of Muslims, both locally and internationally who are currently busy with their respective affairs.


[Alliance of Indonesia Defends Aqsa Mosque]

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