Kenyan Runner Domination Jakarta 10K

Kenyan runner Kennedy Lilan won the 10K Open International Putra category with a time of 29 minutes 34 seconds on Sunday (23/07/2017). While in the category of 10K International Open Princess, Jepkoech Peninah from Kenya managed to be the best with a record time of 33 minutes and 47 seconds.

While in the category 10K Indonesian Only Putra, Agus Prayogo back to be the best with a record time of 32 minutes and Odekta Vina Naibaho became the category 10K champion Indonesian Only Putri with a record time of 37 minutes 3 seconds.

For the 5K Son category, Octovianus Erwin made it to the finish line with 17 minutes and 31 seconds while in 5K Putri category Novita Andriyani became the best with 21 minutes and 49 seconds.

Hendrik Marlionda became the champion in the 10K Student Men category with a time of 34 minutes and 13 seconds and Delvita became the best in the 10K Female Students category with a record time of 40 minutes and 17 seconds.

Business Executive Officer Beverages Business Unit PT Nestlé Indonesia Prawitya Soemadijo
Revealed, "Antuasiasme shown by the community in following MILO Jakarta International 10K is our encouragement to continue to promote a healthy and active lifestyle through sports."

It also hopes this activity can further foster the spirit and love of the community towards sports. (Photo:

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