Jokowi Asks Parents Watch Child Use Social Media Facebook

President Joko Widodo asked children in Indonesia not to play Facebook social media (FB). If children want to play Facebook should be watched by parents.

This was after the President got a question from a child named Pekanbaru Grace (11). This little girl wants to know if she can play Facebook or not.

"President, I can not play Facebook, I'm 11 years old," Grace said at the National Children's Day (HAN) in Riau Province Government Building, Gajah Mada Street Pekanbaru, Sunday (23/7/2017).

Given that question, the President asked Grace and children who are not old enough to not play facebook.

"I say children under 13 years old can not play Facebook, because it is not time," said the President advised.

Later if the age is above 13 years old can just play Facebook, it must be accompanied by parents. "If children are still not allowed to play Facebook, Grace is temporarily joining up parent Facebook," said the President.

Do not forget, after the questioning, Jokowi give gift bikes to Grace. (Foto: Setneg)

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