How to Prevent Illness in Uncertain Weather

Current transition seasons make the weather unpredictable. When you think the sun is shining all day, torrential rain suddenly flushed and made your body soaking wet. In order not to get sick the next day, you need to do six healthy steps after the rain.

Quoted from the online page Boldsky, following tips for Friends did not get fever and flu.

1. Get rid of wet clothes

After arriving home, immediately undress wet and replace with a dry towel. Wet clothes will seep into the pores of the skin to make the cold.

2. Avoid cold showers

After the body dry, sponge the body with warm water. Do not forget to shampoo so that the head feels lighter then clean the dirt that was carried by rain water or splashed puddle.

This method is done to avoid from a number of diseases. For example typhus, skin diseases, or viruses and bacteria from dirty water.

3. Use health soap

Choose a soap that can kill germs and bad bacteria. Viruses are also sometimes present in rainwater.

4. Wear warm clothes

After bathing and drying, apply a warm sweater that covers the entire body. Should not turn on the air conditioner or fan to keep the temperature normal and not cold.

5. Eat warm hearty foods
Choose warm soupy foods to make the body more comfortable, the type of food selected such as boiled chicken soup with lots of vegetables.

Avoid eating instant noodles because it will cause other health problems.

6. Drink a cup of tea

While you eat, you also sip a cup of warm tea. A glass of tea not only warms the body but also contains anti-oxidants and boosts the immune system naturally. (*)

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