House of Foreign Citizen from China Raided Police

Police ransacked a house on Jalan Kawi Raya Number 48, Candisari, Semarang City, Central Java, late Sunday (23 /), for allegedly being a shelter for a number of foreign nationals from China.

The search was made after the head of the local RT reported to the police, following two foreign nationals known to escape from the house by jumping the wall.

Chairman of RT 07 / RW 12 Candisari, Pujo Budiono said, on Sunday evening residents reported the presence of two foreigners who jumped the fence of the house. "The report there are two people who jumped while carrying a suitcase," he said.

The RT management who obtained the report then went to the house in question.

The head of the RT then contacted the police after being barred from entering by the person in charge of the place to accommodate the foreigner.

The results of the examination with police officers, found there are still three foreigners who are in the house.

Initial examination, inside the house was found dozens of telephone sets and files containing phone numbers.

Police itself is still doing the scene in the house.

There has been no official information from the police on the findings.

Source: Antara

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