Fahri Hamzah Sure the Constitutional Court will Propose the Election Material Law Test

Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives (DPR) Fahmi Hamzah considered it reasonable that some have filed a judicial review of the Election Law passed last night to the Constitutional Court. The main chapters governing the presidential threshold or pencapresan threshold.

Even according to him, the Constitutional Court will grant the suit.

"If there is a judicial review that will happen, I have the feeling that it can win," said Fahri when met at the Parliament Complex Senayan Jakarta Friday (21/7)

According to him, the article regulating the presidential threshold in the Election Law is contradictory to the Decision of the Constitutional Court Number 14 / PUU-XI / 2013 stating that in the 2019 election the legislative elections (Pileg) and presidential and vice presidential elections are held simultaneously.

Thus, the preshold's application falls on its own accord.

"The concept of the Treshold is contrary to the principle of direct election of the President and Vice President, which is contradictory: The previous elections require that elections will come, as this gives political uncertainty, which leads to uncontrolled political management," he regretted.

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