DPR: Israeli Army Action Violates UN Resolution

Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives Fadli Zon condemned the closure and violence perpetrated by the Israeli army against the Al-Aqsa mosque congregation that killed three Palestinians and hundreds of wounded.

"The Israeli action is a form of violation of the UN Security Council Resolution that can not be tolerated, the Al Aqsa Mosque and The Dome of the Rock should be maintained as a holy place open to access by all Muslims," ​​Fadli said Tuesday (25/7) ).

The unilateral closure and restriction of the Al-Aqsa mosque by the Israeli authorities clearly violates the deal already made.

Furthermore, the deputy chairman of the DPP Gerindra Party, the restrictions also violate the human rights of Muslims to be free to worship. It's a provocative act that wants to make matters worse. Israel should not change the status quo of Al-Aqsa complex.

"I support the position of the Indonesian Government through the Indonesian Foreign Ministry which is criticizing Isarel's actions, because the violence and restrictions imposed by Isarel on Palestinian Muslims can not be justified for any reason," Fadli said.

Finally, he hopes the Indonesian government also uses its influence in international forums to continue to support Palestinian independence.

"The voice of Indonesia as a country with the largest Muslim population has an important and strategic value for the agenda of Palestinian independence," said Fadli Zon

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