Demands the Liberation of Al Aqsa, Muslims of Long March from Pusdai

Thousands of people from various quarters rallied to voice support for the Palestinians. They demanded the release of Al Aqsa from Israel's oppression.

Finished Friday prayers, they gathered around the area Pusdai Bandung City. Then at around 13:00 pm, long march began to move down Jalan Diponegoro. In addition to pedestrians, protesters are also accompanied by command cars equipped with loudspeakers. All activities are escorted by police officers.

These protesters came from various backgrounds, ranging from the Palestinian National Committee for the People of West Java (KNRP) of West Java, the Alliance of Islamic Movement (API) of West Java, Bandung Fighting Club, and the wider community.

In front of Gedung Sate, long march participants stopped to speak. One by one the participants' representatives voiced support for the Palestinians, as well as criticism for Israel. "This is a humanitarian tragedy, when a mosque is closed and should not be entered," said one orator.

Encountered in the same place, the Chairman of Bandung Fighting Club Edwin Senjaya said, all Muslims are supposed to support the Palestinians. "We are brothers and sisters, it is right to give support and care to the Palestinians who are being harassed by Israel ... We have no reason to be silent," he said.

Originally, the support movement in the form of longmars will move towards Masjid Al Ukhuwah on Jalan Wastukancana.

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