Banser Burn the Flag of Israel

Banser Burn the Flag of Israel/ ac-net
 Members of the Ansor and Banser Youth Movement burned the Israeli flag in front of the Office of Jember Regent, Friday (07/28/2017). They condemn the brutal actions of Israeli Zionist soldiers against the Palestinian people.

This action led directly Chairman of the Youth Movement Ansor Ayub Junaidi.

Jember Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Kusworo Wibowo down immediately secured this action. The demonstrators were met by Deputy Regent Abdul Muqit Arief.

"As fellow Muslims, Ansor and Banser according to the orders of the NU Executive Board, provide solidarity and prayer together," said Job.

Muqit supports GP Ansor and Banser action. "Alhamdulillah, last information, our brothers in Palestine can pray as usual (in Masjidil Aqsa)," he said during berorasi.

However, Muqit reminded Muslims to remain vigilant. "Do not let Israel in the future do the same," he said.

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