Awesome! Javanese Despacito Song Changed to Dek Lastri

Despacito song originally sung by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee feat Justin Bieber is again ngehit everywhere. The song was covered in various versions. One of the most intriguing is Alif Rizky. Because, he covers Despacito in Javanese.

Not just lyrics, the music is arranged to the nuances of Java. There is a gamelan element that is displayed. The video was made really intent. Alif wear batik shirts, belangkon, and slippers typical of youth of old school. In addition to sound quality, many are praising angle taking that is not inferior to professional video clips.

Alif, a Tegal, Central Java, November 23, 1993 boy, did not expect Dek Lastri's video to be viral as it is now. Starting from Fazayubdina, a friend of a rented fellow wong Tegal, who made a video speech composing song Raisa, Former Beautiful, with a cat voice. The video becomes viral.

"Seeing that, in the heart of being motivated.Mikir, make what ya exciting," said Alif when met at the Grand Tropic Hotel, West Jakarta, last Friday.

Knowing Despacito's song is booming, he noticed that many of his lyrics end in '' o ''. Similar to the Java vocabulary. In fact, there is something very similar to the word 'ngapuro' which means sorry. Aha! Alif got the idea to make his cover with Java language. As a genuine Javanese, he wanted to lift that privilege.

Just a few days, a fun upload on his Instagram account is stealing the attention of some people. Many are writing comments, ask for a full version of the song.

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