Apparently the FBI Helps Reveal Corruption Case Setya Novanto

How KPK ensnares Setnov to be the suspect of one of the KPKs obtaining supporting evidence for the suspect's determination with the help of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) in the United States.

According to sources received sketsindonews, from the cooperation made with the FBI, the KPK get the account data company used Setya Novanto in the country Donald Trump, to hide money from the corruption project e-ID card.

While Vice Chairman of the Commission, Saut Situmorang confirmed that it coordinates with the FBI in the US. "(KPK team) discussions with the FBI and others," Saut said.

While in the US, KPK investigators also requested Johannes Marliem, Director of Biomorf Lone LLC, USA, a provider of biometric technology services.

In Irman and Sugiharto's indictment, Marliem is referred to as the provider of the L1-brand automated finger print identification system (AFIS) for the electronic identity card project.

Johannes Marliem left Indonesia as soon as the project was suspected to be a problem, until it became corrupt e-ID card. Since then, he lives in Singapore and the United States.

Marliem claimed to have the entire recording of the meetings he participated in discussing the mega scandal project. The tape was made at each meeting, for four years.

He believes, the recording mentioned total 500 giga-sized bytes that could be evidence to scrutinize corruption that cost the state up to Rp 2.3 trillion. "A four-year recording," Marliem told Tempo newspaper.

Marliem was repeatedly mentioned in the Corruption Court trial as a key witness to the demands of e-ID card corruption cases with suspects Irman and Sugiharto bringing up the name Johannes Marliem.

Judge Frangki Tambuwun called Setya Novanto a key e-ID card budget in the trial of two defendants e-ID card in Corruption Court.

The mention of the Speaker of the House of Representatives Setya Novanto in the judge's verdict strengthens the evidence of the suspect's determination against the Golkar Party Chairman by the KPK.

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