AHY: The destruction of democracy begins with slander and hoax

Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono got valuable experience when he became one of the candidates in the elections in Jakarta last February 2017.

Yudhoyono Executive Director of the Institute explained that during the election process of Jakarta Election, he felt the harsh nature of the five-year democracy event competition. However Agus dismissed the notion that in reaching power all means are allowed.

"Such opinion is very dangerous, let alone become the new norm in the life of democracy and politics in this country next," he explained in the event of Bintang Man Culture Night at Hotel Aryaduta, Central Jakarta, Saturday (29/7).

Agus judge, from his experience, he believes, as hard as the political world we can still choose good ways. Such are the methods that uphold the laws, ethics and values ​​of humanity.

"The destruction of our democracy begins with a mentality to justify any means, this is dangerous, because such a mentality would be very easy to hurt our main goal of democracy," he said.

Agus added, the practice justifies any means in politics, of course, not only in the elections DKI Jakarta alone. In other areas too. The community also witnessed practices that are far from the values ​​of Pancasila democracy and even undermine the unity of the nation. One of the most notable is the practice of spreading slander, and black campaigning.

"It is indeed the consequences and the reality of our democratic and political life today, the decision to enter the political arena, must have the courage to be able to face that reality, but whether it is democracy and politics that we are headed for.Of course not, certainly far from it. Spreading slander and hoax is not included in freedom of expression Free does not mean bablas and without limit, "he concluded.

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